Thursday, January 28, 2016

Annual Continuation Meeting Notice

January 28, 2016

Jackson Farms

Homeowners Association, Inc.

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Annual Membership and Budget Ratification Continuation Meeting Notice

Meeting Date:        Monday, February 22, 2016

Location:                Rolling Hills Elementary School - Cafeteria

                5756 South Biscay Circle, Aurora, CO 80015     

Time:                      6:30 P.M.

Minutes – The first item of business will be to approve the Prior Annual Meeting minutes. A copy is enclosed for review.

Budget – Review and Ratification of the 2016 Budget. The Board is planning on increasing yearly dues from $350 to $400 per year. A copy is enclosed for review.

Election – Two positions are open this year.  Each elected member serves a (3) three-year term.

Roberto Pinto & Lori Kassmeier, current Board Members, have been nominated to continue on the Board (their terms are ending).  If you are interested in having your name placed on the ballot along with them for the open Director positions, please contact Shane Lussier by mail, fax at 303-693-8803, or by email to to express interest in the position.  Nominations will also be taken at the meeting.

Current Board Members and their Term Expirations:

Greg Livingston - 2016

Peter Maines - 2016

Lori Kassmeier - 2015

Roberto Pinto - 2015

James Hall - 2017

Town Hall Meeting – Continued Conversation about Amending the Declarations & Bylaws.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please complete the enclosed proxy and give it to the person you are authorizing to vote on your behalf, or return it to Cherry Creek HOA Professionals, LLC, 14901 E. Hampden Avenue, Suite 320, Aurora, CO 80014 prior to the meeting.  If you leave the name blank, your proxy will serve only to establish quorum, and will not be used for voting purposes.

We must receive at least 29 proxies (or 16.5% of 173 Owners) in order to legally transact business, other than the budget.  Returning your proxy, or attending the meeting in person, will be appreciated, and will save the HOA the additional cost of holding an additional meeting a third time.

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