Monday, February 29, 2016

Vehicle Accidents and Safety

Good Day Jackson Farms Community!

Today we had a vehicle accident in our community near S. Danube Way and S. Danube Street.
I wanted to stress how important it is to make some changes on our end.  We have numerous vehicles that are parked on the street blocking line-of-sight and limiting ability to maneuver without making this area a single pass lane.  Granted, the accident today may be attested to high speed as well, so please be vigilant and slow down in your driving through the neighborhood.  If you have children playing in the streets, remember that the vehicles have the right away and we must allow vehicles to pass to keep everyone safe.

Thank you everyone with your feedback and dialogue.  Please keep in mind that the Management Company cannot use "NextDoor" as it is not a tool that allows an outside member to log into multiple communities without actually having a physical address associated in the community.  Please forward concerns directly to with any such information so he can also be informed.

In regards to making people use their driveways for parking, the streets belong to the City of Centennial and the HOA cannot enforce such an action.
However, You as an resident can report a complaint to Centennial Code enforcement at their 24-Hour Citizen Response Center at 303-325-8000 to report City concerns of expired tags, stored vehicles, excessive dog barking, people working on vehicles in their driveway, etc....

In regards to additional signs and speed bumps... we need people to be considerate across the Board.  Those with children who are playing in the street need to give the right away to the vehicles, and those driving need to be safe in their speeds  Again, you can always contact code enforcement if you know of a specific area (street) during a certain time of day (8am or 6pm) when speeding becomes a concern so we can get them out to monitor.

In regards to speed bumps, the Fire Trucks and EMS (Emergency Medical Service) vehicles cannot easily access communities with speed bumps, therefore they will no longer allow such installation. only parking lots are allowed going forward.  This will not be a solution unfortuneatly.

Thanks again for reading, and PLEASE BE SAFE!

Your Board of Directors
Jackson Farms HOA

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